Curriculum Vitae




  • M.S. Environmental Sciences – Water Resources, Oregon State University, 2015
  • Certificate, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Oregon State University, 2015
  • B.S. Ecology and Evolution, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2011
  • Minor, Film and Digital Media, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2011
  • PADI Rescue Diver Certified, #15030R3085, Oregon State University, 2015
  • EPA AHERA Certified Asbestos Inspector, PBS Environmental and Engineering, 2016 – present
  • First Aid/CPR/AED, American Red Cross, 2015 – present
  • 40-hour HAZWOPER Training, Hygiene Technologies, 2011 – 2013, 2016 – present




2016 – Present           Stantec Consulting, Portland, OR                                                        Environmental Scientist

          Currently working in environmental consulting in a small subset group focused on helping eligible Pacific Northwest communities with brownfield inventory identification, assessment, and eventually, redevelopment.  This position is involved in many aspects of each community and the assessment process, including: assisting with grant research and review, creating professional data-driven maps and figures, report writing and correspondence, and performing field site management and sampling of ambient air, soil vapor, soil, groundwater, and regulated building materials.


2015 – 2016               Quantum Spatial, Portland, OR                                                            Geophysical Technician

          Developed over 1,000,000 acres of hydrologic spatial data including never before delineated HUC 14 and 16 watersheds, as well as creating hydro-conditioned rasters, stream centerlines, flow accumulation and direction rasters, and associated data products in Microstation and ArcGIS. A secondary major project included creating county wide digital elevation models (DEMs) of both bare earth grounds and tree canopy throughout Oregon. Previous work includes Utility Analytics for powerlines, modeling their locations and evaluating risk assessment of the surrounding vegetation in Microstation and PLS CADD. Additional responsibilities include report and metadata review and editing.


2013 – 2015                 Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR                                              Graduate Teaching Assistant

          Taught and graded approximately five hundred students in the laboratory and recitation components of introductory courses in biological concepts: ecology and environmental science (BI101), genetics and evolution (BI102), and human anatomy, physiology and disease (BI103), as well as life science major core course series, Principles of Biology (BI211, BI212, BI213). Created weekly lecture presentations, developed homework and in-class assignments, and wrote quizzes. This position also required managing classroom experiments, teaching laboratory and bioinformatics computer skills, leading dissections, and facilitating appropriate debates and discussions about new or controversial biological science findings and policies. Held weekly office hours for tutoring and assignment completion and proctored midterm and final exams.


2011 – 2013              Hygiene Technologies International, Inc., Torrance, CA                      Industrial Hygienist

          Provided industrial hygiene and occupational safety services to clients in a variety of manufacturing, utility, and construction settings. Conducted surveys designed to identify exposures to chemical substances and physical agents. Evaluated exposure data based on health hazard studies and provide interpretations in light of OSHA, EPA, and other environmental and occupational health regulations and recommendations. Also provided these services and perform indoor air quality studies in non-industrial environments such as office buildings, health care facilities, and schools. Recommended courses of action to control exposures and reduce the potential for injury, illness, and/or property loss. Such controls typically involve the use of local exhaust ventilation, work practice modification, or personal protective equipment in order to reduce exposure potentials.

          Experienced in the use of direct-reading monitoring equipment such as combustible gas and oxygen indicators, photoionization detectors, and colorimetric gas detector tube samplers. Performed air-monitoring surveys at sites where hazardous atmospheres are known or suspected to exist. Conducted fungal and bacterial growth assessment and exposure surveys, primarily in buildings that have had known water intrusion events, such as those caused by window or roof leaks, groundwater seepage, plumbing failures, or sewage spills. Used direct-reading instruments to determine moisture content data in various building materials. Collected surface samples from building materials to assess fungal and bacterial growth potentials, and air samples to determine concentrations of both viable and nonviable fungi, and viable bacteria. Identified microbes and assessed health hazard potentials, identify the sources of water that are potentially attributable to the biological growth, develop abatement strategies, and establish appropriate personal protective equipment controls during any anticipated remediation work. Provided project design and general consulting during abatement projects, and perform site surveillance, air monitoring, and surface sampling.

          Performed safety audits in a variety of occupational environments, including manufacturing and plating shops, foundries, refineries, and material handling facilities. Audits typically involve a review of accident records, policies, and procedures; facility inspections in order to identify unsafe acts and conditions; and an evaluation of safety, chemical, and physical hazards. The primary concerns often include machine guarding, emergency evacuation procedures, storage of hazardous materials, work station design, industrial ventilation, lifting hazards, proper placement of emergency equipment, elevated platform safety, forklift safety, welding hazards, and use of personal protective equipment. All such information is compiled on Safety Inspection Report forms that include site observations, applicable regulatory citations, recommended action, and objective corrective action deadlines.


2011                           UCSC Predatory Bird Research Group, Santa Cruz, CA                      Peregrine Falcon Data Management Intern

          Collected field data concerning peregrine falcon chick feeding behavior in accordance with California Department of Fish and Game laws. Monitored nest cameras at San Jose City Hall and San Francisco’s Pacific Gas and Electric building. Supervised twelve interns’ data collection of prey type and size. Presented significant statistics as to the time of day chicks feed and how much they feed; presented a report analyzing the process of collection and our conclusions.


2010 – 2011                UCSC Biogeochemistry Laboratory, Santa Cruz, CA                           Laboratory Assistant

          Provided biogeochemical laboratory assistance to research professor Dr. Adina Paytan and Ph.D. candidate Elizabeth Derse Crook studying the effects of ocean acidification on coral reefs. Fed and cared for balanophyllia (orange cup corals), took pH readings, and calibrated laboratory equipment. Also performed water property testing of water sample salinity, alkalinity, and carbon dioxide content throughout the experiment, both from the lab and the samples obtained from their research on the Yucatan Peninsula. Monitored the laboratory and experiment for numerous weeks unsupervised while supervisors collected field data and samples. Helped build the experiment tanks, as well as label and mount laboratory balanophyllia.


2009                             Santa Monica Mountains Restoration Trust, Calabasas, CA                Ecological Field Intern

          Designed a native plant restoration project in Cold Creek Preserve, Calabasas, CA, including choosing location, type and quantity of native flora, as well as supervising the planting and maintenance of the project. Performed progress monitoring and documentation for multiple restoration projects in Calabasas, Topanga, and Agoura, CA to demonstrate growth success and habitat utilization over time. Created photographic comparison monitoring for Dry Canyon Creek grant application. Supervised volunteers and helped in planting, weeding, watering, and population counts of native and invasive species.




2008 – 2011                  UCSC Learning Technologies, Santa Cruz, CA                                     Student Media Assistant

          Performed minor repairs and upkeep of DSLR and video cameras, audio recorders, lighting kits, and computers. Provided hotline help for classroom audio/visual equipment emergencies. Assisted special event set up of audio/visual equipment. Completed student, staff and faculty audio/visual and computer equipment rental tutorials and assistance. Managed the reservation database with new students and faculty and their equipment rental reservations.


2007 – 2010                  Move Inc. –, Westlake Village, CA                 Social Media Contributor, Previously Internet Marketing Intern

          Worked as an Internet Marketing Intern and was promoted to a Social Media Contributor. Wrote and curated content for WordPress blogs on both Realtor and Move websites. Used Twitter and Facebook to promote original contests, teasers, and press releases. Using these tactics, my team drove site traffic from thousands of unique visitors to hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per day. Pitched content ideas and promotional materials at weekly marketing meetings. Collaborated on business marketing research, such as testing the iPhone Application, and launching new site updates and features. Worked with Washington Post and Wall Street Journal to incorporate featured real estate into Move blog content, as well as individual Realtors from around the country.


2007 – 2009                  UCSC Film & Digital Media Laboratory, Santa Cruz, CA                      Film Equipment Maintenance and Rental Assistant

          Performed minor audio/visual equipment repairs and maintenance. Filmed and edited a safety video for the UCSC Film Department in Final Cut. Used Adobe InDesign and Illustrator to make laboratory labels and signs. Maintained audio/visual equipment in classrooms, editing rooms, and green screen studio. Maintained and added to a reservation database for Film Department student and faculty rentals.




2016 – present                               Betties360, Portland, OR                               Board Member and Grant Writing Committee Volunteer

          Working to fundraise, coordinate, write, and edit corporate grants with a small grant writing team to provide funds to include more girls and more activities in the cirriculum. As a board member, contributing to operations and outreach to continue the success of the Betties360 after school program.

2016 – present                               Tryon Creek Watershed Council, Portland, OR                               Social Media Coordinator and Outreach Committee Volunteer

          Working in restoration site mentorship coordinating volunteers, planting, and weeding. With the Outreach Committee, designing a social media strategy for outreach efforts.

2015                               U.S. EPA Western Ecology Division, Corvallis, OR                            GIS Analyst Volunteer

          Worked with Dr. Jana Compton on a project attempting to link land use change to elevated levels of nitrates in southern Willamette Valley groundwater. Sourced interpretations of satellite data from multiple agencies, created database of quantity recommendations for agricultural application of nitrogen fertilizer, and created maps showing anticipated agricultural and residential nitrogen inputs for the whole Willamette Valley, and more detailed maps of nitrogen inputs in the Calapooia and Long Tom watersheds. Created tutorials of data sources, GIS and statistical methodology for future use.


2010                               The Nature of Wildworks, Topanga, CA                                                Animal Care Volunteer

          Fed, bathed and administered medication to rescued wild and domestic non-releasable animals. Helped with animal handling around visitors. Walked animals for exercise. Cleaned cages and maintained habitats and grounds.


2009                               National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Santa Cruz, CA     On-call Field Volunteer

          Assisted with graduate research projects in Coho Salmon and Steelhead population studies. Fished with a variety of nets at Waddell Creek and sedated fish with clove oil. Measured length and weight of fish. Took DNA and scale samples of the fish while they were tagged. Input data on field computers.


2008                               UCSC Long Marine Lab Seymour Center, Santa Cruz, CA                      Apprentice Guide Volunteer

          Educated general public and students about marine invertebrates at a hands-on touch tank. Prepped touch tank and exhibit halls for opening. Handled organisms with children. Gave educational tours to parents, teachers, and children. Assisted with tank cleaning and maintenance.




        • Brenner, J. M. (2015). A Watershed Scale Spatial Statistics Approach for Development of Nutrient Criteria and Classification Scheme for Oregon Lakes (Title later revised). Paper presented at the Environmental Sciences Joint Campus Conference, Corvallis, OR.
        • Brenner, J. M. (2015). A Watershed Scale Spatial Statistics Approach for Development of Nutrient Criteria and Classification Scheme for Oregon Lakes (Title later revised). Poster presented at the Hydrophiles’ Water Research Symposium, Corvallis, OR.
        • Brenner, J. M. (2014). A Proposed Classification of Oregon Lakes and Respective Nutrient Criteria (Title later revised). Poster presented at the Oregon Lakes Association Conference, Astoria, OR.




        • Brenner, J. M. 2015. An Ecoregion-Based Reference Condition and Classification Scheme for Determining Nutrient Criteria in Oregon Lakes. Master’s Thesis. Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Fonyo Boggess. Chairs: Dr. Alan Herlihy, Dr. Paul Adamus, Dr. Andrew Valls. Available at
        • Darbyshire, J. E., Stephen, D. M., Hooper, S. M., Baldrica-Franklin, G., Barde, C. H., Bohannon, J. S., Brenner, J. M., Bull, H. K., Caruso, P. E., Cepello, J., Endicott, T., Fischer, K. D., Krueger, E. M., Lattig, T. A., Layne, S. S., Manley, S. B., Miller, H. R., Schrems, A. K., Schwarz, S. J., Seeno, E. A., Sutton, W. G., Svadlenak, E. E., Sykes, E. M., West, J. E., Wigum, M., Zanocco, C. M., Jenny, B. 2015. Atlas of the Polar Regions. OSU, Cartography and Geovisualization Group. Available at the iTunes App Store.




2015         British Cartographic Society and ESRI UK                                        New Mapmaker Award for Atlas of the Polar Regions

2013         Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR                                             University Graduate Laurels Scholarship Award – $10,000

2011         UCSC Porter College, Santa Cruz, CA                                                  Graduation Speaker

2010         Schaeffer Family Foundation, North Hollywood, CA                     Merit and Essay Scholarship Award – $1,000

2008         UCSC Film and Digital Media Department, Santa Cruz, CA           Student Employee Recognition Scholarship Award – $500


Additional information and references available upon request.