On Mt. Hood’s Timberline Trail in 2015.

          Charismatic, confident, and outgoing might be three words someone would use to describe her. Jackie was born Jacqueline Michelle Brenner, named for none other than the legendary Jacqueline Kennedy, and raised in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. Fighting the valley girl stereotype almost every step of adolescence, she collected insects and played in the mud until she transitioned to reading science fiction, obsessing over punk personas, and eventually joined Envirothon, the environmental science team in high school. While competing at the state level in the “aquatics” category, she knew she had found her calling.

          After a fast four years primarily studying aquatic ecological and biological concepts in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, she came home for two years to get her feet wet in the environmental health and safety consulting field and traveled all over California (and even to Wyoming and Mexico) for health and safety-oriented work. In this time, water scarcity and quality became apparent issues in the dry L.A. basin; she longed for the mountains, forests, and rivers up north. Oregon seemed an obvious choice for a place to study water.

           With a new state driver’s license and recently awarded Master’s degree, she made the migration from Corvallis to Southeast Portland. She first worked in remote sensing data processing, in a position that helps develop spatial models of landscapes and hydrologic processes. While computerized fly throughs and 3D renderings of digital landscapes satisfied the data junkie in her, she sought independence, adventure, and the joy of wearing many hats at work. Jackie started at Stantec Consulting as an Environmental Scientist in April 2016. Now she works on a small dedicated team within the large corporation, that focuses primarily on helping secure EPA Brownfield Assessment Grants and providing environmental consulting to awarded municipalities in the Pacific Northwest and across the west.

           In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, going to concerts, traveling, reading, yoga, photography, and floating the river, as well as spending time experimenting in the kitchen. In the winter, she’s a weekend warrior for snowboarding. Her most recent pony trick is learning to mountain bike. Year-round, she can be found volunteering as a Grant Writer on the working Board of Betties360, a free after school program for underserved and underrepresented girls in Portland middle schools to acquire life skills developed in the outdoors and action sports. One day she wants to learn to brew beer – her favorite is the Pfriem Blonde IPA.  Her professional dream is to encourage creativity and foster the exploration of novel technology in how we think about and manage water resources, the environment, future development.