On Mt. Hood’s Timberline Trail last year.

          Charismatic, confident, and outgoing might be three words someone would use to describe her. Jackie was born Jacqueline Michelle Brenner, named for none other than the legendary Jacqueline Kennedy, and raised in the Los Angles San Fernando Valley. Fighting the valley girl stereotype almost every step of adolescence, she collected insects and played in the mud until she transitioned to reading science fiction, and eventually joined Envirothon, the environmental science team in high school. While competing at the state level in the “aquatics” category, she knew she had found her calling.

          After a fast four years studying primarily aquatic ecological and biological concepts in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, she came home for two years to get her feet wet in the environmental health and safety consulting field. In this time, water scarcity and quality became real issues in the dry L.A. basin; she longed for the mountains, forests, and rivers up north. Oregon seemed an obvious choice for a place to study water.

           With a new state driver’s license and recently awarded Master’s degree, she made the migration from Corvallis to Portland. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, going to concerts, traveling, reading, yoga, photography, and floating, as well as spending time experimenting in the kitchen. In the winter, she’s a weekend warrior for snowboarding. Her most recent pony trick is learning to mountain bike. One day she wants to learn to brew beer. In the meantime, she’s on an adventure seeking career opportunities in the Portland and Salem metro areas. Her professional dream is to encourage creativity and explore new ideas in environmental and water resource consulting, regulation, and management.